Sunday, September 14, 2014

One pumpkin

My husband got out the fall decorations for me and the girls were just having a ball putting them up. It's so cute that they love to decorate and I have to let go of my obsessive behavior and let them just do it!  They did and it looks very nice :) I'm proud of them!

Anyway that really isn't the point of the story, as the box opened I was reminded of the box that I opened a couple years ago.  The moldy box!  Judge if you may but I had no idea that a gourd was a living vegetable I thought it was more like Indian corn, dried out and non perishable.  As you may have guessed by now I put it in the box with the rest of the fall decorations.  One little small baby pumpkin and a year later, the box was opened to a very moldy box and a whole bunch of ruined fall decorations.  Needless to say that I was very disappointed especially over my wooden pumpkin decoration that was ruined.  Okay now I have a point.  It just made me think about life, and about how one little or big thing can ruin the whole box.

Lessons in progress:

1) If we focus on the bad and let it sit and fester it will ruin all the good too.
2) Focusing on the positive won't necessarily remove the bad but it will help  you see that there is more good then bad.
3) When the bad seems to overwhelm the good look under the mold do some cleaning, move on, and make it work.