Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Church.

I often times find myself in the grumpiest of moods in early mornings on Sunday. I have to keep asking myself, "How can this be, What am I doing wrong here?" This the day that is supposed to be reserved for the most peaceful of days full of the spirit and praising and joy and I am a grouch.

Early Morning...

The Alarm clock goes off and my husband nudges me. "It's time to get up." Yeah Yeah, I know. Well a half hour later and the nudging gets worse and if I don't get up right now I'm going to be late. Finally I nudge myself out of bed and into the shower. My husband gets up and gets the kids dressed which in the middle of my shower the girls are wanting me to look and see how pretty they are which they are that, but I don't know how my husband decided that Orange and Black went together on any other day besides Halloween. I later found out that my daughter thought that it was pink and that she thought it went together quite nicely. I politely explained how they didn't match and talked her into changing one of the articles of clothing.

I finished getting myself ready and decided to let my husband feed the girls and let the girls brush their own teeth and then I only had to do their hair.

Looking back on this morning I'm feeling like it was one of the better mornings before church. At least my husband didn't say, "Can we have a nice Sunday morning ever."

Lesson in Progess:

#1: Wake up in time to have us ready to go out the door early.

#2: Let go of Control. Yes I still preferred to do the girls hair, one step at a time, but at least I let my husband get the girls dressed well let the girls get themselves dressed and also turned it into a learning experience for them. Oh Oh, I know we need to set out their outfits the night before fully and appropriately matched. And have the learning experience when I'm not trying to rush to get ready for the day. And if the girls do their own hair it won't be the end of the world either.

#3: See sometimes I think we have to look perfect and we don't. The greater lesson is to let the kids learn to do things for themselves and gain confidence in making these choices for themselves. And letting my husband know that I have confidence in him helping out so he'll want to do it more often.
P.S. We weren't late. Thank goodness I didn't let an hour pass before I got up.