Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get up with the rooster...

(Okay so it's not a rooster but look at that hair awesome, That right there can give you something to wake up for.)

I woke up early about an hour and a half before the kids did and I was able to exercise, shower, water the garden, and read all before they got up.  It made it so much easier to be patient and kind to my kids that day because I had already gotten the things that I needed.  So it was a lot easier to give at that point.  Today was an opposite example and I can see the difference in my attitude and the amount of things that I am able to get done.  When I can get those necessary things done in the morning, I actually do them, because otherwise there is always something more important that I would rather get done such as dishes, launrdy, and other household chores.  Plus there is always the things that the kids need too, that I spend my time doing. :) I can also have time for my husband and friends.

Lessons in Progress:

1.)  Take care of myself:  I need exercise, healthy diet, spiritual nourishment, to do something I enjoy, and to look nice and clean. :)

2.) Do those things first then the rest of the things that need to happen can fall in order of priority and can fit in nicely.

3.) Wake up before the kids and get them done then so that at night when they go to sleep I can sit and just rest from the long day.

4.) I'm a much more pleasant person when I have what I need.

5.) And I'm worth it.